Lack amount indication function DP-5602

アイコンProblems of conventional over-under function (Checkweighing function)

The concept that “the scale indicates the weight in excess or shortage of a weighed item and improves the fixed weight packaging process” actually means that it only tells whether the weighed item is more than or less than the desired weight and that the users still have to calculate the balance in their head. At the actual site of a fixed weight packing operation, users have to repeatedly adjust the weight until the product exactly weighs the required weight, sacrificing the operation efficiency. In other words, the scale does not tell exactly how many grams should be removed or added.

アイコンProblem-solving by Shortfall Indication function

Just let the scale memorize the average unit weight (grams) of the products to be weighed and set the upper and lower limits for the target weight. The main indicator of the scale then shows the net weight (kg), while the auxiliary indicator shows the shortage or excess (indicated as the amount of required process), during the weighing process. Indication in grams may be useful, but indication of “how many process is required to add or remove” is even more convenient. In the past, users had to add or remove some pieces of items repeatedly to settle the weight. With the model DP-5602, however, it only requires one-time adjustment to reach the desired weight.