4S Truck Scale to play an active part to "eco-action 21"

アイコンTsurusho Co., Ltd (”Tsurusho”), committed to excellent compliance,
quickly introduced 4S Truck Scale

Tsurusho, committed to excellent compliance, quickly introduced 4S Truck Scale Tsurusho engages in non-ferrous metal recycling and processing, collection and delivery of industrial wastes. They are one of the first who introduced Yamato’s 4S Truck Scale in their unambiguous commitment to “thorough prevention of overload and compliance”. Tsurusho vigorously engages in compliance efforts and has become the 27th company to receive the Eco Action 21 Certificate, a norm designated as one of the important evaluation criteria in the Evaluation Systems concerning Quality Judgment of Industrial Waste Disposal Contractors, an industrial waste contractor ranking system adopted by the Ministry of the Environment,Government of Japan. The company acknowledges the prevention of overload as one of the important issues. The product’s biggest feature is its ability to measure axle and wheel weights, in addition to the total weight, in a matter of just 15 seconds. It is attracting attentions from the transport and other businesses as a measure to prevent overload and uneven load.

アイコン4S Truck scale

According to Mr. Miyazaki, the president of Tsurusho, “the advantage of 4S Truck Scale is that it does not require special facility and is installable anywhere flat”. Because the company site is built on a reclaimed land, the 4S Truck Scale was “very cost effective” as it can be mounted on anywhere without the need for substructure excavation. “Another Advantage is that the time required for measuring is significantly shorter than the other brands’ scales.” His words of praise suggest extensive use of the scale in the long future.