• What is Dataweigh?

    Dataweigh is the product name for multi-head weighers produced by Yamato Scale.When it comes to “multi-head weighers”, please see the next answer below.

  • What is a multi-head weigher?

    A multi-head weigher is one of the automatic quantitative weighing machine.The typical weigher has 10 weighers inside.First, throw in about 1 / 3 to 1/5 of the pack weight (the target weight) to each weigher.Then, take out target weight products by combining the weight in ten weighers, respectively."Dataweigh" is the product name for multi-head weighers produced by Yamato Scale.The concept of Multi-head weighersi.e.) Target weight = 100g Upper limit = 5g Lower limit = 0g, In the case above, Dataweighs supply nearest to the target weight from 100 to 105g.

  • What are the features for Dataweighs?

    There are three features:(1) Enable to measure the things which were not able to be with existing automatic quantitative weighing machine,(i.e.) “Lettuce cut into strips “1kg a pack“Green peppers" 150g a pack(2) Much more accurate than existing automatic quantitative weighing machine,(3) Enable to offer higher speed measurement in a narrow installation area,(i.e.) 10g of "cubic rice crackers" are measurable with the speeds of 120 packs / minute in less than 1sq m.500g of "frozen mixed vegetable" is measurable with speeds of 100 packs/ minutes in less than 1.6 sq m.(4) Dataweigh enables to accommodate various kinds of products.

  • What are advantages to install Dataweigh?

    Advantages are the followings:(1) Drastic labor cost reduction with full or a half automation,(2) Large improvement for yields,(3) Large reduction for installation spaces,(4) Accommodate a broad range of products.

  • What can you weigh with Dataweigh?

    You can weigh almost all the objects with one of our Dataweighs except liquid or similar objects.Please ask us for further details.

  • Can Dataweigh measure fragile products?

    Dataweigh has a function for fragile ones to weigh.

  • Is it possible to weigh more than two products, such as "peanuts" and "Kaki-no-tane snacks"

    As long as mixed weight function is used, it is possible to weigh more than two products.For each product it is better to select required accuracy for the weight and the model according to required accuracy.Please ask us for further details.

  • Is it possible to weigh quantitatively with Dataweigh?

    As long as quantity combination function is used, it is also possible to weigh per quantity.With this option, weight of each hopper is divided by the average weight by rounding off below the decimal point. That derives the quantity for that hopper. Then the required quantity is derived with multi-head weighers.

  • How is the accuracy of Dataweigh shown?

    It is common for Dataweigh not to discharge weight smaller than required weight.In this case, the accuracy is evaluated to see the differences between the average of each amount of discharge and a required quantity.

  • Can you use Dataweigh in work places with much humidity and moisture?

    Dataweigh contains many things which can be used in places with much humidity and moisture.The exteriors of Dataweigh are made of stainless steels or resins, and have IP65 drip-proof.

  • How are articles supplied to Dataweigh?

    Most common ways are to use bucket conveyors with circulating multiple small containers, and bucket lifters (skip conveyors) with shuttling one large-sized container.

  • Is it possible to pack products with Dataweigh?

    Although it is impossible to do that because it is an automatic quantitative weighing machine, Dataweigh enables to weigh and pack products after connected with other packaging machines.

  • What kind of packing machines are Dataweigh connectable with?

    Dataweigh is connectable with most packaging machines, although it is common to connect with a vertical pillow packaging machines or a pack feeding typed packaging machines.Please ask us for further details.

  • Is it possible to connect Dataweigh to packing machines in the low-ceiling room?

    The bucket conveyor for packaging machines can be installed between Dataweigh and a packaging machine when the ceiling is too low to install Dataweigh right above the packaging machine.

  • Is it possible to put small bags, such as deoxidization materials, into packaged products?

    Small bags (deoxidization materials, oxygen detection agents, and driers) can be put into packaged products by installing the equipments which cut small bag out between Dataweigh and packaging machines.