Dataweigh Sigma F1 Frontier

Maximized Sealing Clearance

Multihead scale

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■Benefits of Frontier
  • Environment
    By using BBH system, it can reduce the packaging waste
  • Productivity
    The use of BBH can assist the associated packaging machine to achieve optimum performance at high speed.
  • Investment
    The ability to significantly increase speeds whilst maintaining efficiency and productivity can reduce the number of Multihead weighers required in a plant.


∑F1 Frontier series enable to run 60g potato chips at 210wpm with maximized sealing clearance for bagmaking.
Conventional System Bottom Based Handling(BBH)
Without the Bottom Based Handling(BBH), the discharged product does not have a clear Product Window and the product extention may cause sealing failure. The concept of ∑F1 Frontier "Bottom Based Handling" produces a clear,distinct discharge of products and therefore minimizes sealing failure.

The unique concept of "Bottom Based Handling" produces a clear Product Window by use of:
  ■Independent Discharge Channel
  ■Multiple Discharge gates

Providing various types of Discharge pattern
Single Discharge 3-point discharge
2-point discharge


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