Dataweigh Sigma F1 Plus

High end Data weigh Sigma has been chosen all around the world

Multihead scale

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  • Easy operation by 10.4 inches color touch screen
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • IP65 compliant
  • Backward compatible


With more than 90 years of experience in the field of weighing Yamato is one of the world's leading manufacturers of weighing equipment. Yamato now offers a totally upgraded range of multi-head weighers with the most advanced technology; Dataweigh Sigma F1-Plus series.
Sigma F1-Plus handles products as diverse as snack, confectionery, fresh salad, etc. with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
Sigma F1-Plus provides accurate and controlled multi products mixing with multiple components on a single scale.

Confectionery / Snacks / Bakery products / Potato products / Meat, fresh or frozen / Cheese / Salad / Pasta / Dried fruits / Cereals / Rice / Herbs / Hardware components / Granular products / Sticky products / Fragile products / Small bag products / Frozen mincemeat

■Advanced Interactive Command Console
Advanced, Interactive, Color Touch Screen with ease of operation and maintenance.

■Color Touch Screen

The large (10.4 inches) color touch screen offers a clear graphic display.
Color choice enhanced setup procedures by minimizing potential errors.
Clear display in the most adverse light conditions.

■Advance Bucket Design

Fully interchangeable buckets reduce clean down time.
Large radius corners for easy cleaning.
Heavy duty 1.5mm gauge stainless steel construction.
Long life Sealed Bearing.

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