Semi-automatic DataweighTM

General Purpose Weigher With 14 Weighing Heads Combines Versatility With Easy Operation.

Multihead scale

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  • Increased Productivity
  • Easy operation(RCU-910)
  • Food safety
  • Wide variety of weighing application


■High Speed and Optimum Performance
High speed CPU enables up to 30 weighings per minute.
Hybrid ICs ensure performance reliability, and the high speed A/D converter and the digital filter permit high-speed weighing even in locations exposed to vibration.

With the present function allowing operational settings for up to 100 products to be registered, and a variety of weighing functions such as mix-weighing and count-weighing, Dataweigh places versatility at your fingertips.

■Graphic display Facilitates Operation
Operation procedures for attached devices, the discharge direction for weighed products, and the method for interlocking the weigher with the packaging machine can be specified on the menu screen. Troubleshooting messages are displayed so that the problem can be quickly remedied.

■Printer Provided as Standard Equipment
Vital information such as sampling data, production data per sift, and programming data can be printed out, simplifying data management.

■Waterproof and Washable
The bellows attached to the weighing unit keep water out. In addition, the hoppers can be readily removed and the conveyor belt detached at a touch, so cleaning and maintenance is never problem.

■Bar Cord Reader (Option)
Using the bar code reader, product settings can be easily called up.

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