Dataweigh TSDW-205

Product features

Improvement in productivity

Possible to achieve max. combination speed of 30 packs/min.

* The speed is subject to weighing products and discharging speeds of conveyors.

  • Operational procedure

Dataweigh TSDW-205

Dataweigh TSDW-205

Minimizing product damage

Adoption of belt-conveyor system for discharge

  • The TSDW-205 is suitable for weighing delicate and fragile products.

Dataweigh TSDW-205

Reduction in weighing loss

The TSDW-205 selects an optimal combination nearest to the target weight and discharges it automatically.

  • e.g.) Making a pack of 200g

Dataweigh TSDW-205

The TSDW-205 enables you to increase the number of the final packed products from the same amount of materials by reducing weighing loss.

Ease of cleaning

Reduction in washing time at the end of work and at the change-over of weighing products.

  • The weighing conveyors and a collating conveyor are detachable, so washing and sterilizing can be easily done.

Dataweigh TSDW-205

  • All conveyor belts are easily detachable.

Dataweigh TSDW-205

Many type of collating conveyors available to best suit your weighing needs

Dataweigh TSDW-205

Collating Conveyor Single Flat Belt Type
  • Diced Ham, Sausage, Lobster Tail
  • Dried Fruit
  • Rice Cracker, Chocolate
Collating Conveyor Double Slope Belt Type
  • Mushroom, Garlic
  • Tomato, Mini tomato, Paprika
  • Cucumber, Egg plant, Bunch of Grapes

Product Specifications

Model TSDW-205 TSDW205W
Dust/Water Protection IP42 IP65
Weighing Method Strain Gauge Load Cell
Weighing Capacity 1,500g
Tare Max. 1,500g
Display Division 1g
Combination Accuracy 0.1g
Range of Combination 8g to 6,000g
Combination Speed 20 to 30 packs per minute
(Depending on weighed items & weighing conditions)
No. of Scales 12Heads
Conveyor Size
Weighing Conveyor
: 214 (L) x 120 (W) mm
Collating Conveyor
: 1327 (L) x 160 (W) mm (Flat type)
Outer Dimensions 1553(L)×735(W)×811 to 891(H)mm
Main Display Fluorescent Tube Display, 32(H) x 14.6(W)mm
Auxiliary Display Full Dot LCD Display, 64(H) x240(W) mm
No. of stored Items Max 100 items
Function Zero Reset, One-touch Tare, Keyboard Tare, Weight Check of Each Head
Priority Combination, Weight & Quantity Combination, Over/Under Detect, Producion Goal, Recalculation
Speed Change of Weighing/ Collating Conveyors, All discharge/ Collating Conveyor Discharge
Net Weight Approx. 150kg
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Humidity 30% to 85%(No Condensation)
Power AC100v, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 230V + 10%~15%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 620W

Dataweigh TSDW-205