It makes fixed weighing operation easier and faster.

It is suitable and effective for weighing fresh produces (ginger, mushroom, lotus root, etc.), fishery products (fish egg, fish fillet, shucked shellfish, etc.) and daily dish (salad, etc.), where it is difficult to automate their productions having problems in production speed, weighing loss and weight shortage, etc.

It improves the speed for weighing operation.

It requires not so often to exchange items for getting good combinations.

For making fixed weight packages with rather big-sized products, an operator has to exchange items.
Our “Exchange Guidance” shows the size of products to be replaced like L, M or S and lets the operator know which size should be removed and which size should be put back. No need to exchange many times.

It instantly displays a weighing result.

The time of weighing is shortened to a half (on our company's comparison). The quick response of our scale brings better work efficiency.

Reducing weighing loss (yield)

You can see at a glance how much you should add.

It displays the weight of shortage or excess on the way of weighing operation just by setting lower and upper limits.
Our “Just Weighing” function shows on the screen how much should be added or removed. Moreover it can let an operator know the judgment by signal lights and buzzer.

It displays how many pieces to add or remove not but how many grams.

In case of making fixed weight packages with unified weight items, showing how many pieces is more efficient than how many grams. Our “Shortage Guidance” function shows how many pieces to the target just by setting an average weight.

It has realized visual control of weighing operation.

You can see an actual state which was not seen before.

You can set the status you want to show on the auxiliary display. You can change from tare and gross weights to production quantity and average weight for production control and personnel management.


Change-over on the auxiliary display

Tare, gross weight, item number, target value, allowance, lower limit, upper limit, unit price, cost, purchase volume, profit ratio, production quantity, number of short packages, number of excess packages, speed, unit weight
*Depending on mode the contents available for the auxiliary display are different.

Wireless communication for data management

Option: Weighing results can be sent to a PC via ZBee wireless communication.

Improvement in work efficiency

Navigation for fixed weighing operation by support functions which meet characteristics, sizes and shapes of weighed items. Thanks to the improvement of response as a basic scale feature, an operator could reduce her working time from 7 hours to approx. 5 hours (approx. 30% improvement).

Other features

Adoption of a scroll wheel switch

A scroll wheel switch is adopted for a weighing scale first time for improving key operation. You can make troublesome settings easily by sliding a finger on the scroll wheel switch.


The scale indicates “0g” right after a container is placed on it.

Each time a container is placed on, tare operation was needed before but PackNAVITM can indicate “0g” automatically thanks to our auto-tare function.


Name Fixed weighing scale Pack NAVITM
Model Fix-100W-3 Fix-100W-6 Fix-100W-15 Fix-100NW-3 Fix-100NW-6 Fix-100NW-15
Verification Legal for trade Not legal for trade
Capacity 3000g 6000g 15000g 3000g 6000g 15000g
Division 0~
1g 0~
2g 0~
5g 0.5g 1g 2g
2g 3000~
5g 7500~
Display size Main display: 9.4(W)×18(H)mm、Auxiliary display: 4.7(W)×9(H)mm
Pan size 234(W)×204(D)mm
Outer dimensions 242(W)×297(D)×110~117(H)mm
Net weight Approx. 2.7kg, batteries included.
Functions Zero reset, One-touch tare, Preset tare, auto-tare, auto timer off, change-over Gross/Net, Itemized total, Restriction for settings, Checkweighing (Just weighing, shortage guidance, exchange guidance), Pack (multi-target)*1, Grading*1, Matrix-grading*1, Counting*1, Profit calculation, Subtractive weighing*1
Dust/water protection IP65
Power 2 x D type (UM-1) battery
Battery life 1,000 hours continuous operation (Alkaline battery use)
Power consumption Normal: 0.04W, Max. 0.45W
Bar-code 4979916807545 4979916807552 4979916807569 4979916807576 4979916807583 4979916807590
Options ZBee wireless communication unit, stainless steel pan

*Battery life may depend on makers, models and conditions of storage.
*1 The function is not legal for trade.

Outside dimensions