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YAMATO Scales can solve the management problems of container weights which are due to the revision of SOLAS Treaty!

With the revision of SOLAS Treaty,are you concerned with the weight management of containers before loading?

We Yamato-Scale Company solve it by ‘scale’ as a diversified weighing equipment manufacturer.

On Revision of SOLAS Treaty

Due to the regulation strengthening (SOLAS Treaty Revision) by
IMO (International Maritime Organization),
shippers have come to bear the responsibility
to determine the total weight of the containers before loading.

Owing to the revision of chapter 6 in the Annex of SOLAS Treaty (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea), shippers came to be obligated to measure and report the total weight of the containers before loading. From July 1st 2016, shippers need to provide the container weights before loading by using the method defined in the convention on the containers transported overseas.

Solution for the Weight Management of Containers by the Revision of SOLAS Treaty

Solution 1 Measure the total weight by our truck scale

We Yamato-Scale Company
solve your problems by our simple traveling type
truck scale on the measurement of total container weight.

Solution 2 Measure by piling up with using our platform scale


*Please don’t hesitate to consult with our company or handling stores about the measurement of containers before loading.