Battery Operated Washdown Digital Platform Scale

Digital Platform Scale

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An excellent, easy to use, stainless steel digital platform scale for wet environments, such as meat and seafood processing plants. The DP-6700 has a lot of useful functions such as checkweighing, fixed weighing, grading and counting.

■ Stainless Steel Construction, IP65 Waterproof

■ Large display of 45mm height for easy reading
■ Fixed Weighing Function
This function is ideal for making fixed weight packages. The excess or shortage indication against the target helps to improve the yield.

■ Checkweighing Function

The Over/ Accept/ Under weight can be judged by 3 color LED indicator. This function helps much to improve the work efficiency.

■ Grading Function
In addition to the normal grading function, the subtractive grading function is equipped as a standard. This function helps to speed up sorting operation.

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