Digital Platform Scale

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The DP-5600 series are stainless steel washdaown scales and two types of indicators are available.
One is DP-5601, General purpose digital scale and the other is DP-5602, Multifunctional digital scales.
The indicator of the DP-5600 series is a user-friendly design, stainless steel construction IP66 and a bright easy-to-read fluorescent display.
Options include RS-232C, RS-485, USB memory, a remote display and an integrated journal printer.


■ Stainless steel IP66 Washdown construction (Indicator)
■ Large selection of scale capacity (from 3kg to 2,000kg) and platform size (from 350x300mm to 1200x1200mm)
■ Bright fluorescentn tube display (Main display)
■ Full Dot LCD with back light (Auxiliary display, DP-5602 only)
■ Full numeric keypad 
■ Checkweighing Function [DP-5602 only]

The Over/Accept/Under weight can be judged by 3 color LED indicator and a built-in buzzer.
■ Shortage Guidance Display [DP-5602 only]
A full dot LCD with back light made English literature and sweep bar display possible. It indicates the shortage against the target in work unit (one spoon, half cup, 3 pieces or else) at fixed weighing function. This reduces a burden of operators and improves work efficiency.
■ Grading Function [DP-5602 only]
In addition to the normal grading function, the subtractive grading function is equipped as a standard. This function helps to speed up sorting operation.

■ Journal Printer

A built-in Journal Printer, JPS-508 is available as an option.
■ USB Memory
It is possible to save weighing results in CSV format in a USB memory. Users can save and re-arrange weighing data simply by inserting the USB memory into a PC. It enables you to avoid data transcription and realize labor saving. It also helps analysis of data for improving work process and efficiency.

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