Case Packer

アイコンIn our effort to provide a complete packaging line instead of selling just scales and test devices independently, Yamato sold many Flexible Case Packer (FCP) series, an automatic packager compatible with various product lines, to domestic and international customers since 2000.

ケースパッカー Weighed and packed products go though different testing procedures before being boxed and then shipped. As there is an ever increasing demand for reduced production cost at the factories while the labor population continues to shrink, the industry is seeing a surging demand for automatic case packers as a manpower saving measure. In response to the sprawling consumers’ tastes and lifestyle changes, product packaging and distribution systems have kept on being diversified. Along production lines, product types have been similarly diversified, prompting the demand for a case packer compatible with many different product types.


Users who introduced the equipment highly evaluate FCP. We commit ourselves to the facilitation of customers’ businesses further by expanding the sale of Flexible Case Packer (FCP) series.