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As a global company

Currently, Yamato Scale, which has offices in 14 countries around the world, continues to grow as a global company.
The number of Yamato employees in Japan and overseas exceeds 1,100, and we will continue to expand our business by increasing the export ratio.

Global sales and service network

Based on our sales subsidiaries and manufacturing site spreaded all over the world,
we meet all weighing needs around the world
We will build a further service network from a global perspective and aim to combine products and services.

Yamato Scale has subsidiaries and manufacturing sites in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom.
South Africa, India, Russia, China, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, and Mexico
  • Japan Head Office

    Japan Head Office

  • Korea


  • USA


  • Mexico


  • England


  • Germany


  • China


  • India


  • UAE


  • South Africa

    South Africa

Yamato Scale develops global business with a wide range of products and technologies
We aim to become " the Top scale manufacturer in the world as a high-performance measuring machinery!"

Full automatic multi-head weigher "Dataweigh™" It is used by customers in more than 130 countries around the world.

This Dataweigh™ is indispensable for production lines that automatically weigh and package products of a certain weight.
Many of the packs (potato chips, frozen foods, etc.) that you pick up at supermarkets are weighed by multi-head weighers. Our "Dataweigh™" will continue to expand to further globalization.

Supports various applications
Supports various applications
  • Candy, Gummy

    Candy, Gummy

  • Snack


  • Cookie, Rice snacks,Biscuits

    Cookie, Rice snacks,Biscuits

  • Fresh produce

    Fresh produce

  • Pasta


  • Livestock, Seafoods

    Livestock, Seafoods

  • Cheese


  • Cereal


  • Nuts, Dry fruites

    Nuts, Dry fruites

  • Pet foods

    Pet foods

  • Frozen vegetable, Fruites

    Frozen vegetable, Fruites

  • Household goods, Non-foods items

    Household goods, Non-foods items

Yamato Scale's tire balancer are used in more
than 27 countries and areas around the world

As the name implies, a tire balancer is a machine that measures the balance of tires.
The car tires are stamped with a round stamp as shown in the image below.
As a result of measurement with a tire balancer, this stamp is stamped on the lightest part.
When actually installing the wheel, match the heavy part of the wheel with the light part of the stamped tire,
so that the overall balance of the tire is adjusted in good condition.
If the whole tire is not balanced, not only will the ride become uncomfortable, but it will also hinder safe driving.


tire balancer *

Top share in Japan

tire balancer *

Expanding global market share

"Tire balancers" that measure the balance of tires are "static tire balancers" that measure tires in static and "dynamic tire balancers" that measure tires by rotating them at a constant speed.

Yamato Scale tire balancers support the safety and comfort of the world
tire balancer
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