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February, 1920 Founded as Weighing Machine Division of Kawanishi Machine Works
December, 1945 Weighing Machine Division of Kawanishi Machine Works was re-organized as Yamato Scale Co., Ltd.
1946 Took Bathroom scale orders for U.S military in Japan and developed it to Health meter
1953 Started the production of A style Health meter as it became commonly used in household for health care.
Succeeded to produce the first electron tube style weigher for crane. It was the first electronic scale in Japan.
Developed the first domestic strain gauge style load cell.
1954 Emperor Showa and Empress visited our factory
1959 The metric system was adopted and kg was used as measure of weight.
Electron tube style steering stability evaluating machine was developed and attracted public attention with its innovativeness.
1961 Prince and princess Takamatsunomiya visited our factory
1964 Succeeded to produce the biggest wind tunnel in the East and delivered it to National Aerospace Laboratories, which greatly contributed to the development of aero flight technology in Japan
Company song was created
1969 Digital price computing instrument “ Rokko” was started to produce.
Full automatic tire balancer was developed.
1974 Non-stop Axle weigher was developed with high speed and motion weighing technology.
The first domestic continuous autoclave sterilizer was developed, which led us to the field of food and medical markets.
1978 Commercial Scale Datacell R-205D obtained the model approval of Physical Engineering Lavatories in Germany for the first time as foreign product.
1979 Dataweigh™ and Checkweigher were developed and they contributed to the technical innovation at food industry.
1981 World first price computing instrument with voice indication “ SP-704” was produced.
Pressure-resistant Coal Feeder for thermal power station was developed.
1985 Universal digital sacale with string vibration style load cell was developed for the first time in Japan.
Kumyong Yamato Scale Co.,Ltd was established in South Korea.
1986 Yamato Scale GmbH was established in Germany.
Packer Scale FNL-302CC was developed and became long-seller as automatic weighing feeder
1990 Shanghai Yamato Scale Co.,Ltd was established in China.
1993 Yamato Corporation was established in U.S.A.
Dataweigh™ Σ series with big command console was released.
1994 Yamato Scale Dataweigh(UK) Ltd. was established in U.K.
Appointed the first Designated Manufacturing Business Operator in Japan by MITI.
Obtained ISO9002.
1998 Card type body fat meter “ PocketMini™ ” and “ PocketNavi™ ” were developed.
Yamato Corporation Dataweigh™ Division was established in U.S.A.
1999 Dialogue style command console for Dataweigh™ was released and it enabled quick communication via internet
2000 Yamato Scale France was established in France.
Obtained ISO9001.
2002 Obtained ISO9001.(2000year version)
High accurate body fat meter “ BodyPlanner™ ” was developed which showed visceral fat and muscle mass
2005 All in one style Truck Scale was developed which weighs total weight, axle load, wheel load and load balance
2006 Obtained ISO14001.
Dataweigh™ ΣF1™ series was developed which optimizes packaging machine’s capability.
Contamination less structure “ Packer Scale FNL-308CC” was released.
Yamato Scale Russia was established in Russia.
2008 Yamato Scale India Private Limited was established in India.
2010 DataweighΩ™ with innovative capability was developed.
Table-top Dataweigh™ “TSDW-205” was developed and contributed to improve work efficiency.
Yamato Scale Benelux was established in Netherlands
2012 Dynamic Tire Balancer DB-DHS1 with capability of 15 second per cycle wasdeveloped
2013 Digital controller "EDI-2000series"with self- diagnosis and multilingual function was developed.
West Coast Office of Yamato Corporation was established in U.S.A.
Yamato Scale Co.,Ltd. Middle East was established in U.A.E.
2014 “Non-stop Axle Weigher” with motion weighing and load checking function was developed.
Yamato Scale de México, S. de R.L. de C.V was established in Mexico.
2015 Yamato Scale Thailand Co.,Ltd. was established in Thailand
2016 Yamato Scale Italy was established in Italy
2018 Yamato South Africa was established in South Africa