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Grab the world with the highest level of technology

Yamato is world standard.


Captivate the world with the highest level of technology! Yamato is the world standard.

President & CEO of Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. Shozo Kawanishi
President & CEO of Yamato Scale Co., Ltd.
Shozo Kawanishi

Seibei Kawanishi, the founder of Yamato Scale established the Nippon Keori Co., Ltd. first, as well as being the founder of the current Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd. and Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and the Kawanishi Machinery Co., Ltd. which was Yamato Scale’s predecessor.

At the time of their founding, the innovative woolen, aircraft and weighing technologies were unmatched in the world. It is a testament to how great the founder was.

As the president and the successor of Yamato Scale, I feel a serious responsibility to continue a business which will continue for the next 100 years.

Today, the volume of snacks produced in the world is unimaginable.

Fixed-weighing scales such as the Multi Head Weigher are necessary for the production of fixed-weight packs. However, these scales have not significantly changed over the past 40 years.

In the future, Yamato Scale will not only be a technology company but also a world leader in reducing materials, saving energy and lowering CO2 levels by increasing productivity with higher accuracy and speed.

Our aim is the best product quality in the world. From here in Akashi, we hope to spread our global message and bring happiness to people all over the world. We will continue to make further efforts for the next 100 years and aim to become a 200-year-old company.

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