Corporate profile Company

Basic policies

Guiding principle

We have recognized that a company is required to be beneficial equity for society, not only make profit by providing products and services under fair competition. Therefore, we conduct business according to following principles, follow every law, rule, regulation and act which are applicable in the world and respect those spirits.

  • We provide society with reliable and safe products and services.
  • We do our business transparently and openly without any dishonest behaviors.
  • We communicate with society widely, not to mention shareholders, proactively and disclose company information rightly and positively.
  • We take actions for global environmental issues vorantalily as we recognize it is a company's responsibility and requirement to keep business in society.
  • We support local society by proactive social contribution activity.
  • We secure safe and good working environment, respect employees' personality and individuality and realize abundance according employees' effort and achievement.
  • We confront with anti-society activities which threaten society's order and safety uncompromisingly.
  • We respect local culture and custom as a member of global society and will be a company which contribute to local development.
  • Top management will take initiatives to follow this principle. If any conducts against this principle are incurred, they will try to solve the problems by their own and take actions promptly to investigate, impose countermeasures, do proper disclosure and deal the acts sererely.
  • We forbit any child labors and forced labors at every country and area.

Environment principle

Global environment is a big challenge in the 21th century for all human being and it is said that a company which cannot take actions for it can never survive for future. Thus, we set environment principle as one of our guiding principle, as we keep actions for environmental issue proactively and make this well understood and done thoroughly in our organization.

Basic philosophy
We recognize our given environment as limited resources and conduct our business with balancing industry development and environmental preservation.
Basic principle
We reduce the impact on global environment and prevent pollutions by setting target for the actions, recognizing the impact from our business conducts, reviewing and improving our actions periodically.
Guiling principle
We follow every laws, regulations, acts, treatment and other requirements applicable in our business regarding our products and services, identify the purposes and the targets for environmental actions, review accordingly and promote
  • to distribute eco-friendly products
  • to dispose properly of, reduce and recycle industrial wastes
  • to save energy by less power consumption
  • to dispose industrial waste water properly and secure water quality
  • to keep coatings, solvents, oils and chemicals stocked properly and prevent disasters.
  • to disclose the necessary information regarding our environmental actions both internally and outside of our company.

Quality guideline

  • We grasp customers' current and future needs, fulfil promises with customers and keep actions to exceed customers' expectations.
  • We utilize and improve quality management system continuously, provide reliable and safe products which are complied with measurement acts, OIML, other applicable laws, acts, and regulations, and contribute society.
  • We provide the products which customers are happy to use them and hold them for a long time.