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FastMotion Truck Scale

FastMotion Truck ScaleNittsu Transport Co., Ltd.

Ensure compliance with the traffic law to prevent accident

Ever since the penalties for the vehicle restriction order were strengthened in 2017, it has become an urgent requirement for the logistic industry to take preventive measures for overloading and axle load violations.
Especially for the axle load violations, requirement of weighing axle load has been increasing significantly, since conventional truck scales were not able to measure the axle load.

In the beginning, Yamato developed FastMotion Truck Scale to solve the problem of weighing axle load for logistic industry.
Recently requirement trend is changing and the number of requirement from Shippers is increasing.

Shippers made the decision as following reasons;

  • - Shippers were required by logistic companies to comply with safe loading regulations
  • - Shippers mind has been changing to more compliance awareness

Yamato has been hearing similar requirements from many of shippers, who transfer their cargo by trailer, bellow are examples of shippers.

  • - A major automotive manufacturer
  • - A stainless steel sub-processing manufacturer
  • - A building material manufacturer
  • - A major multinational logistics company

Introduced model

FastMotion Truck Scale

Capable of weighing great number of trucks.

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