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Case study of Fish Analyzer™ ProJA Hyogo Minami Nijiiro Farmin

Proposing how to serve according to the measured freshness

"A Hyogo Minami Nijiiro Farmin sells fresh fish purchased from Akashiura Fishery Cooperative. In order to link the freshness to branding that the fisherman's store can show, an effort was made to “visualize” the freshness of the fish using Fish Analyzer™. This product can evaluate the freshness of fish in 5 levels.
Using this evaluation, the promotion plates suggesting how to serve according to the freshness, such as `` sashimi '' for fish that recorded high freshness, `` cooked fish '' for fish that was matured and judged ready to eat, were put on the sales counter. The efforts were well accepted, and there was a request to "show me the machine to measure", and a public fish freshness measurement event was held for the first time at a retail store in Japan.

On the day, many visitors listened to product introduction and commentary on the freshness of fish. After that, we prepared three types of natural Akashi red snapper with different meat-tightening timings, and conducted a food comparison experiment to investigate which one felt the most delicious. The first red snapper was the one that was killed with "Ike-jime", Akashiura's traditional technique on the morning of the day. The second one was killed with the same technique the day before. In addition, we prepared the third one that was ice-tightened (not alive) on the morning of the day. Freshly tightened fish has a good texture, but in fact it is said that one or two days after tightening will mature and improve the taste.
In this survey out of 64 evaluators, there were 28 people who liked the texture, 26 people who liked the taste, and 10 people who chose not-tightened fish.
Knowing the freshness of the fish being sold, consumers can choose the fish according to their taste in addition to a sense of security that guarantees freshness.
Fish Analyzer™ is expected to be a new device showing a new standard for tasting fish more deliciously.

Introduced model

Fish Analyzer™ series DFA100/DFA110

Device to judge fish quality - measuring fish fat percentage accurately and freshness easily and quickly

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