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Seasoning System

Contributing to quality improvement and work laborsaving of seasoning process

  • Constant Feed Weigher

Seasoning system add additives to pre-products such as foods, snacks and pet foods, and mixing those.
Pre-products in predetermined amounts on a belt scale and additives measured by an applicator are stirred in a tumbler. Time of addition and stirring can be set freely through a touch screen. It can be used to season any food, snacks, pet food and other items.

■Highly-Accurate Measurement
Accuracy has been improved by 10 times compared to
the existing continuous measuring method.

→Big Improvement in Product Quality

■Automatic Ratio Control
Both pre-products and additives are measured very accurately
before being added based on the preset ratio.
→Cost Down of Raw Materials

■One-Touch Disassembly
All units can be disassembled without using any tools,
increasing operator’s efficiency by threefold.
→Improvement in Maintainability

■Easy Operation
Operator can register seasoning recipes easily by using a touch screen.
→Big Reduction of Defects

 Main Equipment Configuration

①BELT SCALE        :Measuring pre-product with high accuracy
②APPLICATOR       :Providing stable cut while measuring additives, such as seasoning
③TUMBLER            :Gently mixing the product and seasoning, while preventing from breakage
④CONTROL PANEL :Seasoning amount can be easily set by the touch panel


・Tumbler Auto Cleaning Function   ・Specific Nozzle for Liquid Seasoning   ・Special Spec Upon Request

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