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Dataweigh Omega PLUS™

Bringing you super high speed and accuracy with friendly usability through an innovative weighing system.

  • Multihead Scale
  • Improving productivity
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Food safety
  • Environmental responsiveness

Dataweigh Omega PLUS series provides customers with significant benefits, such as improvement in “productivity”, “operation”, “maintenance”, “food safety” and “environmental responsibility”.

■High-speed and high-accuracy weighing

  • The improved weighing system is faster than 200wpm, and increases production yield. It realizes a reduction of the production line and reduces the consumption.
  • Auto-tuning of feedback amplitudes together with Yamato’s Automatic Feeding Control(AFC) realizes optimum product flow.

■User-friendly operation

  • The large 12.1-inch LCD touch screen and 3D animated images make operation easy for anyone.
  • With Auto-tuning, feeder amplitudes and filter parameter of Lattice filters are automatically set. It removes the stress associated with complicated operation.

■Ease of maintenance

  • The load cell withstands up to 150kg, so that extreme caution is not necessary for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Various information for quick recovery with alarm display and replacement time display for consumable parts.

■Food safety

  • The IP67-compliant body can be washed perfectly to eliminate accumulated product particles and prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • YDB buckets have no space for dust and bacteria propagation and no aging degradation on the bonding plane.
    *YDB bucket is applicable to specific models.
  • The polygon-shaped bucket is easy to clean as it is light and rigid and corners are an obtuse angle.

■Power consumption is reduced by 60%

  • Dataweigh Omega series contributes to cost reduction and to saving the environment.
  • Clear Product Window for perfect sealing contributes to the reduction of packaging waste during production.

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