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Dataweigh™Alpha Advance

Smart, Tough and Accurate

  • Multihead Scale
  • Improving productivity
  • Easy operation
  • Food safety
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Network remote control and Data acquisition

    Dataweigh Alpha Advance series realize high-speed weighing
    : 75wpm by 10-head model and 140wpm by 14 head model.

    The accuracy is also improved compared to the former model.

    ■Improving productivity

    • High frequency load cell shortens the settle time of weighing cycle and realizes high-speed weighing
    • Yamato AFC system ( Auto feeder control system ) enables the best feeding
      and the accuracy and the productivity has been greatly improved.
    • Improved feeder amplitude, enables to handle sticky or fragile products.

    ■Easy Operation

    Color Touch Screen Operator Interface

    • 10.4 inch color touch screen
    • User-friendly icons enables easy operation
    • Up to 300 pre-set programs can be memorized
    • 2 products mixing is available ( ADW-A-0320S)
    • USB memory port

    ■Food Safety

    Radius Corner and Springless Bucket

    • Large radius corner make it easy and quick to clean, reducing downtime.
      Hygienic springless buckets are available depending on usage.

    ■Ease of Maintenance

    • Buckets and Linear Feeder Pans can be removed and attached easily without tools.
    • Load Cells can withstand up to 150kg load, and rigid buckets improves maintenance and cleaning works.

    ■Network Remote Control and Data Acquisition

    Network connection capabilities (option)

    • PC remote control by LAN
    • Data acquisition via USB, Ethernet or RS232C
    • Feedback control between Checkweigher and Multihead weigher

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