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Metal Detectors YD3 series

For vertical packaging applications

  • Metal detector
  • Easy setting and easy operation
  • Comfortable operation with large touch screen
  • Auto sensitivity setting
  • Sophisticated performance for inspection
  • USB data control (option)
  • History data retrieve function
  • Network data management (option)
  • Easy cleaning

■Easy setting and easy operation
Multiple display modes, such as level meter display, Inspection results display, Distribution chart display are available.

■Comfortable operation with large touch screen

■Auto sensitivity setting

■Sophisticated performance for inspection

■USB data control (option)
Inspection history data are transferred to PC for the management. 10,000 data can be saved.

■History data retrive function

■Network data management (option)
The data of multiple machines can be managed with PC through LAN.

■Easy cleaning
One-touch detachment/attachement of the conveyors requiring the frequent cleaning ensures the sanitary system.

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