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Built-in wireless communication function
Digital scale series
Food raw material processing company

Total cost reduction by reducing failure rate

The on-site weighing status can be managed by a PC.
A printer (non-waterproof) can be installed in a place where it will not be exposed to water.

Yamato waterproof digital scales are equipped with a “wireless communication function”. * 1
This makes various proposals possible.

Managing up to 30 scales per PC with ZBee wireless communication.
Wireless connection makes it possible to install anywhere.

* 1 The wireless communication function (Bluetooth wireless communication or Zbee wireless communication) is a factory-installed option.

Case study

Type of industry
Food raw material processing company
The customer was using waterproof scales (with printer). Since the printers were not waterproof, they were repaired 3-4 times a year due to breakdowns, and the repair cost was high.
Reasons for adoption
We proposed a water resistant digital platform scale “DP-6700” with a wireless printer. Although the initial introduction cost was a little expensive, the printer unit was not directly attached with the scale, the failure rate reduced, and the reliability of the printer has been improved.

Introduced model


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