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TSDW-205WAgricultural processing industry

Semi automatic Table-top Dataweigh™ TSDW-205W handling large-volume packs linked with an automatic checkeweigher.

By linking with a checkweigher when handling large-volume feed, the weighing time loss can be minimized.
Challenge with 1kg potato packing work
Products on nearly all the weighing conveyors were discharged, and after the discharge, the next combination could not be performed immediately. As the result, TSDW's original performance could not be demonstrated.

Proposal for improvement

By using a large-volume feeding system covering approx. 80% against the target weight, the remaining approx. 20% would be discharged from 2-3 weighing conveyors. After the discharge, TSDW still has multiple weighing conveyors which can make a next combination. As the result, TSDW can show its full capacity.

The system can greatly improve the work efficiency.
Approx. 80% of the target weight is weighed by a checkweigher.
The shortage of approx. 20% is discharged from TSDW.
No waiting time for the next combination

Benefits of labor saving

Conventional work
6 x weighing staff + 2 x packing staff
12 packs per minute by 8 staff in total
Average pack weight: 1,050g
New work by TSDW + checkweigher
1 x staff to feed a checkweigher + 2 x weighing staff + 2 x packing
staff 20 packs per minute by 5 staff in total
Average pack weight: 1,008g

Reduced 3 staff
The production capacity was improved by approx. 70%.
The weighing loss (giveaway) was reduced by approx. 4%.
Annual profit increase of about 5 million yen

Introduced model

Semi automatic Table-top Dataweigh™ TSDW-205W

is an ideal combination scale for fixed weight packing of agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, dried plums, etc.

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